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job negotiation

job negotiation

I finally decided to let Caruso go, but first I tracked down Jimmy Smits, who had been my first choice for the role when we were originally casting the show but who turned us down in favor of pursuing a film career. Jimmy was at the time somewhere in Morocco, shooting one of those sword-and-sandal epics. When I finally tracked him down I think the nearest phone was 10 miles away, and he probably had to hitch a ride on a camel to get to it I offered him the role again. Actually, I begged him. “Do you want to come home and be a huge TV star in a show that’s already a hit or do you want to be making movies in Morocco in 100-degree weather wearing a leather skirt?” Jimmy’s no fool. He came home and took over Caruso’s role in NYPD Blue and made the series even greater. We then negotiated a deal with Caruso that, in exchange for his release, required him to do the first four episodes so that we could properly write his character out of the show and further stipulated that he couldn’t work on another television series for five years. Caruso was officially gone. When he had shot his last scene of the fourth episode, he turned without a word and left the set, the stage and the lot. He didn’t say a single word of thanks or a goodbye to his castmates nothing. In the meantime, Milch and I had to invent a whole new character for Jimmy Smits, which we did on the fly.

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This work makes it possible for you to know the range in which any satisfactory agreement has to fall. Unwillingness to move on a particular issue may simply reflect constraints that you don’t fully appreciate. discover thisPerhaps he totally clicks with the hiring manager, they talk about skills that differentiate what Mike does Cs. his friend, and they offer him a job in another, fast-growing department. Toronto Manage portfolio of contracts throughout contract life-cycle. I think I can get $100,000 at another company.” Don’t worry about what your friends are making; the employer certainly isn’t. 8. Benefits can account for 30-40% of your base salary. Uncover and then clarify any misconceptions that may exist. Keep the big picture in mind.

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