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Rams receiver Duke Williams (81) takes a tumble while Who reaches Super Bowl LI? 2016 NFL record projections for all 32 teams But Kaepernick earned Kelly’s praise for quickly grasping the new playbookmentally. Saying many of the concepts overlapped from the system he ran in college at Nevada, he’s now ready to “sink my teeth into” the offense and apply his physical gifts to the scheme. “Feel good, feel ready to compete, excited for whats to come,” said Kaepernick, who was also upbeat after successfully packing weight back onto his frame after procedures to his shoulder, knee and thumb had prevented him from working out. visit the website“I dont look like my high school self anymore,” he quipped. “I feel like I look more like an adult now. Neither player distinguished himself for a 5-11 team in 2015. But Gabbert, who flamed out after being a first-round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2011, showed better poise, efficiency and importantto Kelly accuracy after taking the reins from Kaepernick. Its a game about getting the ball in playmakers hands,” said Kelly. “So, repetitive accuracy is a big thing in terms of being able to move the ball down the field. Thats a huge part of it. NFL offseason reports: Follow in-depth reviews for all 32 teams before training camp Of course Kelly’s history suggests both passers will see the field. In three years with the Philadelphia Eagles, Kelly’s starting quarterbacks never survived a full season in a scheme that often exposes them to big hits.

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